The year 2018 was a global wake-up call to get serious about addressing the cyber threat landscape. Large-scale, multi-vector mega attacks played out at unprecedented levels inflicting major damage on business and reputation. As a result, we find ourselves in the midst of the fifth generation of cyber attacks 

Lead Data Technologies wants to thank all of those who took precious time out of their work days to join us at one or more of our recent events.  We had a great time in

Stamford & Farmingdale at RPM Raceway,

in Rye we spent time with hands on labs during Demo Day,

in Yonkers we had a full day of technical training for CloudGuard IaaS

and at the Yonkers iFly we learned about Cloud Security and enjoyed indoor skydiving.  In fact, we had such a blast at iFly - we did it AGAIN!

   We want to say a special thanks to all at Check Point that helped us to have a successful time at each location

Please check out our 

Cocktails & Cloud Security Event, R80.20 Training & BitDam Webinar

by clicking the tabs above!

We encourage you to contact us if you have an event idea or if you would like us to host a

Demo Day to try out a particular technology from any of our PARTNERS

Stamford RPM


iFly Yonkers

iFly Yonkers (RE) Boot